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Qui sommes-nous ?

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Presentation of Ban Public

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Date : 25-05-2010

Presentation of Ban Public

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 About Us

The encounter
Ban public started from a promise done to former cellmates and friends, a promise of continuing the fight once outside. The promise grew even more unforgettable, as the pain and confinement continued outside prison. As for the rest, it was a chain of beautiful encounters, energies and common wills to bring together all the information sources about prison. Ban Public was born during winter 1999 from this need to talk, to break the silence.

The association
BAN PUBLIC is a non-religious, non-dogmatic and non-political association (« association loi de 1901 »). It aims at promoting communication about the problems of imprisonment and rehabilitation of prisoners.
Its name was chosen as a symbolic link between the hidden inside and the outside that doesn’t accept its failure. We want to open doors and open minds so that prison becomes a public concern.

BAN PUBLIC is composed of former prisoners, journalists, academics, artists, societies and citizens. Its activity is set mainly around the website prison.eu.org.

An independent website dedicated to prisons
This project came from a simple observation : the relative confidentiality, and the dispersion of sources, accounts, reports and studies about prisons and prisoners.

The aim is twofold :

1. To create an accessible and educational basis of information and reflection, the website being the place of production and exchange, and a mediator between those who work for prisoners.
2. To enhance the visibility and public awareness of the problem of detention.

The content
The information available online deals as much with life « inside » as « outside ». The services (practical information, forum, contact lists) and information (analysis, documentation) are particularly privileged. The archives contain varied texts such as laws, reports, letters, pictures, drawings, studies, statistics, web links and interviews. Access to all the content is free.

The network
The project’s main idea is the establishment of a transversal network of ex-prisoners, families, professionals or volunteers, societies, journalists or researchers. All those information providers are linked by a contact list, and associations can create their own website on the prison.eu.org net.


You can contact the association Ban Public : 

Postal address (no office)
Ban Public
22 rue Bréguet
75011 Paris 

Email address

For non french speakers please send a mail.

Siret : 449-805-928-00016