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Expressed needs and behavioral risk factors of HIV-positive inmates

Mise en ligne : 29 November 2005

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Expressed needs and behavioral risk factors of HIV-positive inmates.

Lanier MM, Paoline EA 3rd.

Department of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, University of Central Florida, P.O. Box 161600, Orlando, Florida 32816-1600, USA.

Considerable research has found inmates to be at high risk for HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, research has shown additional HIV/AIDS threats faced by females in the general population and especially by those incarcerated. Behavioral interventions and educational programs have been developed based on these studies. However, few empirical studies have examined the self-expressed needs of HIV-positive inmates or the degree to which inmates’ needs are gender specific. This pilot study compares the needs of HIV-positive male and female jail detainees. Results illustrate surprisingly few differences between men and women and their HIV-related needs. The primary need identified for both males and females was postrelease housing. Somewhat unexpectedly, HIV treatment and care ranked low on the list of needs. The implications of these finds are discussed.

Source : National Library Medicine