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Behind cruises, the penal establishment

Mise en ligne : 4 February 2005

Texte de l'article :

Behind cruises, the penal establishment - Behind bars, Sodexho

The ’Bateaux Parisiens’company which makes you discover Paris’shores ’with the greatest of pleasure’ is a subsidiary of the multinational named SODEXHO.

SODEXHO do not content themselves with supplying schools, hospitals, staff dining rooms with its meals and luncheon vouchers. For Siges, another subsidiary of SODEXHO, prisons have become places where you can make money in the whole world : Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Mexico, Turkey, France...

In countries where capitalists advocate the creating of private prisons, SODEXHO invest in all fields : the conceiving, the building, the security, the management, the financial administration (food, laundry, cleaning), programmes of social rehabilitation which remind us of slavery, penal and social follow-up, the canteen follow-up (a system in which the prisoner can buy usual goods but at amazingly dear prices).

To quote the President, Pierre Bellon : ’I used to working the hotel industry but I’m sure to have no rooms left empty in prisons.’

SODEXHO take part in the implementation of repressive ideologies intended to suppress and criminalize the poor, foreign nationals and the paperless in Europe and the social classes which are said to be ’a danger to the society’ .

We are here today to protest against the business done by SODEXHO in prisons, and the cruises of the ’Bateaux Parisiens’, one of its subsidiary, taste like the steel with which the bars are made of.